Remembering Kenneth Mitchell: A Tribute to the Klingon Kol


Kenneth Alexander Mitchell, a talented Canadian actor, left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. His versatile roles in both television and film resonated with audiences worldwide. Among his notable achievements was his portrayal of Kol, the fierce leader of the Klingon House Kor, in Star Trek: Discovery. As we remember Kenneth Mitchell, let’s delve into his journey, his impact on the Star Trek universe, and the challenges he faced.

Kenneth Mitchell’s Trek Through the Stars

1. Discovery and Kol

Kenneth Mitchell’s journey into the Star Trek universe began with Star Trek: Discovery. As Kol, he embodied the essence of a powerful Klingon leader. Kol’s holographic introduction set the stage for a complex character—one who grappled with conflicts among Klingon houses and sought to protect his people. Mitchell’s performance breathed life into Kol, making him a memorable addition to the show’s rich tapestry.

2. A Familiar Universe

Before joining Discovery, Mitchell had a childhood connection to Star Trek. He watched The Original Series and The Next Generation, but it was The Wrath of Khan that solidified his love for the franchise. When he became part of the Discovery cast, he felt a responsibility to revisit the entire Star Trek saga. His close friend, actor Sam Witwer, guided him through episodes, emphasizing the Klingon-centric ones. Together, they explored the depths of Klingon culture and language.

3. The Klingon Transformation

Kol’s elaborate costume and makeup were no small feat. Mitchell endured heavy prosthetics and layers of clothing, but he embraced the challenge. As an actor, he worked from the inside out, allowing the costume to become an extension of his character. Speaking Klingon—complete with its guttural sounds and unique syntax—added authenticity to Kol’s presence. Mitchell’s commitment to the role shone through, even when the costume weighed him down.

Kenneth Mitchell’s Legacy

Kenneth Mitchell‘s impact extended beyond the screen. His battle with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, became a testament to resilience. Despite losing his voice due to ALS, he continued to inspire fans and colleagues. His friendship with Sam Witwer, their shared exploration of Star Trek, and his dedication to portraying Kol exemplify his unwavering spirit.


As we remember Kenneth Mitchell, we honor his contributions to Star Trek and celebrate his legacy. His journey from Kol to the stars reminds us that even in the face of adversity, the human spirit can soar. Farewell, Kenneth—may your memory live long and prosper.

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