American Girl Disney Princess Dolls: American Girl Releases Cinderella, Tiana & Ariel Dolls!

American Girl Disney Princess DollsEnchanting New Arrivals: American Girl’s Disney Princess Collection Expands with Cinderella, Tiana, and Ariel

Step into a world of wonder with the latest additions to the American Girl Disney Princess Collector Doll series! Cinderella, Tiana, and Ariel, beloved heroines from Disney’s timeless fairytales, join the ranks of Jasmine, Rapunzel, and Belle, bringing their magic and charm to life in exquisite 18-inch dolls.

Exquisite Details, Endless Storytelling:

Each doll is meticulously crafted, capturing the essence of her character with stunning accuracy. Cinderella’s signature blue ballgown shimmers with every twirl, while her delicate glass slippers sparkle like dewdrops. Tiana’s vibrant green-and-yellow dress reflects her adventurous spirit, and her cascading curls frame her warm brown eyes. Ariel’s iconic mermaid silhouette comes to life with shimmering scales and flowing red hair, ready for undersea escapades.

Beyond the Gown: A World of Imagination:

The magic doesn’t stop at the dress! Each doll comes with a collection of enchanting accessories to spark imaginative play. Cinderella’s set includes a charming headband and a miniature clock reminding her of the midnight deadline. Tiana’s culinary talents come alive with a beignet-shaped purse and a miniature spoon, while Ariel’s treasures include a seashell hair clip and a glistening seashell compact.

More Than Just Dolls: Collectible Heirlooms:

These dolls are more than just toys; they’re cherished companions and collectible treasures. The intricate details, premium materials, and timeless characters ensure they’ll be loved for generations to come. Imagine gifting these dolls to a child and witnessing their eyes light up with wonder. Imagine proudly displaying them on a shelf, each doll a testament to the enduring power of Disney’s fairytales.

A Collaboration of Dreams:

The American Girl Disney Princess collection is a dream come true for fans of both brands. It brings together the rich storytelling heritage of American Girl with the beloved characters and iconic designs of Disney. This collaboration is a celebration of imagination, empowerment, and the enduring magic of fairytales.

Key Features: American Girl Disney Princess Dolls

  • Exquisitely crafted 18-inch dolls: Each doll captures the unique likeness and personality of her character.
  • Authentically designed signature dresses: From Cinderella’s ballgown to Tiana’s princess attire and Ariel’s mermaid silhouette, each dress is a masterpiece of design.
  • Fashionable extras: Expand storytelling possibilities with charming accessories like headbands, purses, and hair clips.
  • Highly detailed outfits: Additional outfits, sold separately, allow for even more imaginative play and storytelling.
  • Special accessories: Unique treasures like seashell compacts and miniature beignets add depth and personality to each doll.
  • Collectible and heirloom-quality: These dolls are built to last, becoming cherished companions and treasured collectibles.

Join the Fairytale:

The American Girl Disney Princess collection is an invitation to step into a world of wonder and imagination. With these enchanting dolls, children can recreate their favorite fairytale moments, dream up new adventures, and celebrate the timeless messages of courage, kindness, and self-discovery. So, embark on a magical journey and bring home the latest additions to the collection today!

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