Unveiling the Secrets of Twitter: 15 Lesser-Known Facts That Will Leave You Speechless!

First Tweet:

Twitter's co-founder sent the first tweet, "Just setting up my Twitter."

140 Character Limit:

Twitter's limit was inspired by SMS text messages.

Hashtag's Origin:

The hashtag (#) was user-proposed in 2007.

Twitter Bird's Name:

It's named Larry after Larry Bird.

Most Retweeted Tweet:

A Japanese billionaire's generous giveaway.

Real-Time News:

Twitter broke the news of the Hudson River plane crash.

Tweets Per Second Record:

World Cup 2014 set a record with 618,725 tweets per minute.

Emoji Connection:

The hashtag came from the Japanese character "shi."

In-Flight Tweet:

British Airways complaint went viral.

The Fail Whale:

An image that appeared during Twitter outages.

Longest Tweet Chain:

A Japanese user's tweet thread with 1,372,544 characters.

Twitter Bird's Chirp:

Its sound is a blend of bird songs.

Tweet from Space:

Astronaut's hello from the International Space Station.

Early Name Ideas:

"Friendstalker" and "Twitch."

Freedom of Speech:

Twitter's struggles with censorship.